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4 Ways to Keep Your Feet Healthy & Happy

While we often focus on our overall well-being, we tend to overlook the health of our feet. Since most of us are usually standing on our feet most of the day, either at work or at home with family, it’s crucial to make sure we take care of what allows us to do this every day! Below are 4 ways to pamper your feet and keep them happy for a lifetime: 


Similar to how skin on our hands and face can get dry, our feet can get dry as well. Typically, this often results in cracked heels (sometimes painful) and dry, brittle toenails. Dry feet usually occur in cold winter months, but can also occur year round, depending on your skin’s hydration level. To keep your feet feeling their best, we recommend moisturizing your feet year round. It not only feels good, but can prevent a number of skin/nail related issues for your feet. If your heels are currently severely cracked and painful, you can always contact your podiatrist to get treatment. If you feel it is manageable, a quality lotion should suffice. 


While it may seem silly, massaging your feet can help with not only arch pain, but ball of foot pain as well. These are both very common foot ailments for high-heel wearers and those that stand on their feet for majority of the day. In order to effectively massage your feet, gently bend your toes back and forward for a few seconds to start. This will stretch your foot and assist with the daily stress on your foot’s arch. We also recommend gently massaging the ball of your foot with your thumbs. Aside from assisting with pain, massaging your feet can help aid in circulation and reduce overall tension. 

Wear a Sunscreen

Wearing sunscreen is especially important if you are wearing open toed or strappy shoes. Just like the rest of our body, it’s important to make sure our feet are protected from the sun’s harmful rays. Most importantly, it doesn’t take much to protect your feet. Just rub a dime sized amount over the tops of your feet and around the back of your heel (if your heel is exposed). Another scenario in which you will want to wear sunscreen on your feet, is if you plan to be outside for an extended period of time without shoes. We all know someone who has burnt shoe marks on their feet from being at the beach too long, so we want to make sure you aren’t that person! 

Better for You Nail Polish

In the last year or so, nail polishes free of harsh chemicals have become more popular as part of the ever evolving topic of clean beauty products. We are thrilled to see there are some many alternatives to traditional nail polish, that typically over time dries out your nails and makes them brittle. The culprits in the nail polish formula are formaldehyde, toluene, and dibutyl phthalate which can destroy our nails. If you are looking for a new piggy polish, make sure to find a brand that doesn’t contain these chemicals to keep your toenails happy and healthy for a long time!

We hope you enjoy these tips to keeping your feet happy and healthy for a long time! If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to our expert team of podiatrists.