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4 Ways to Keep Your Feet Healthy

As women, we want to feel confident from our head all the way down to our toes. It’s hard to feel that confidence when we have dry, cracked, painful, or swollen feet. Taking care of your feet is important year round, and today we have 4 quick tips on how to get healthier feet by pampering yourself!

  1. Pedicures are more than just a fun indulgence: How many of you think of pedicures as an indulgence, or just something fun to do with your girlfriends? Think again! Pedicures are important to maintain healthy feet. Trimming your own toenails can absolutely be done, but doing so lazily or without knowledge of the correct way to trim can lead to pesky, painful ingrown toenails. Having your nails trimmed by a skilled technician reduces the risk of ingrown toenails and infections.

    Another great reason to get regular pedicures is for the moisturizing and exfoliating elements they provide. No more dry, cracked feet for you! The technicians will spend time massaging in different moisturizing lotions and gels to give your feet the refresh they need.

  2. Support those feet of yours: Have a demanding job that leads to tired, sore feet at the end of your workday? Maybe you’re on your feet all day in high heels, or maybe you just aren’t wearing the best shoes for your feet type. Either way, inserting additional support will provide you with not only comfort, but also reduce the risk of the foot pain you are more than likely experiencing.

    When you wear heels for a long period of time during the day, your ankles are forced to bend forwards, much like you are walking on your tiptoes. This leads to spider veins, pain, muscle spasms, and even back and knee issues. The solution? Limit the time you spend in high heels. If you can’t, find a great pair of insoles to ease the tension and provide you with the comfort your feet need.

  3. Do NOT attempt to remove calluses on your own: If you notice calluses on your feet, it means your skin is hardening and trying to protect that area of your foot from irritation and pain; such as from rubbing on your shoe throughout the day.

    If you try to remove those calluses without medical knowledge of the proper way, you can open the skin up to infection and foot ulcers. The best thing you can do for your feet, and your overall health, is to see a qualified podiatrist who can help treat those issues the right way.

  4. Follow the proper way for moisturizing: It’s true! There’s a right and a wrong way to moisturize your feet. When moisturizing, be sure to use a lotion with vitamin e oil, olive oil, or vegetable oil. These are all suitable lubricants for your skin, meaning your skin is able to absorb them. There are many lotions that contain ingredients such as petroleum jelly, which cannot be absorbed.

    After showering and drying your feet thoroughly, you should be sure to moisturize your feet by rubbing the lotion all the way in, but do not put the lotion between your toes. Moisture between the toes can lead to fungal infections.

Keep the Health of Your Feet in Check

Having healthy feet is not only important to make you look and feel great in your own skin, it’s also vitally important for your overall health!

If you suspect something isn’t quite right, give us a call at Foot & Ankle Associates. While our practice offers the most modern and innovative services available in Mooresville, Huntersville, Denver and Charlotte, NC, our greatest distinction comes from the personal attention we give each patient. We would love to help you get your confidence back with healthier feet!