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5 Ways to Reduce Foot & Ankle Swelling During Pregnancy

Pregnancy can be one of the most beautiful experiences a woman goes through. However, it does come with some unwanted and unwelcome side effects. This includes extra weight gain due to swelling and bloating of different parts of the body. Do you know, that women can gain up to 25 to 35 pounds during pregnancy?

The increased weight gain prevents them from wearing their favorite clothes and even shoes! Of course, when expecting, you cannot possibly stop your stomach from swelling, but there are ways to keep wearing your favorite pair of shoes even when you are pregnant. We, at Foot and Ankle Associates, want you to enjoy this experience by eliminating this unpleasant symptom of pregnancy. Below are 5 ways to help reduce foot and ankle swelling during pregnancy:

Keep Exercising

Of course, strenuous exercises are strictly forbidden during pregnancy but there are some light exercises that you can easily keep up with like walking or swimming. Such exercises allow the blood to keep flowing instead of pooling and accumulating in certain areas of your body.

If your job or daily routine requires standing up for long periods of time, start walking from time to time and sit during breaks. However, sitting too much can also result in the accumulation of blood in your tissues which is why doctors recommend taking a five-minute stroll after every hour you spend sitting. If you don’t feel like getting up with that heavy stomach, stretch your legs every once in a while. Whatever you do, keep your comfort in mind and don’t overstrain yourself during pregnancy!

Wear Comfortable Shoes

Tight-fitting or uncomfortable shoes are your feet’s worse enemy, pregnant or not. While high heels can disrupt normal blood circulation and are generally not suitable to carry your extra pregnancy weight, tight-fitting shoes can constrict your blood vessels and hence restrict blood flow. This results in the accumulation of blood in your ankles which can make them swell several times your normal size.

Gigantic ankles are both frightening and ugly and if you don’t want your ankles bulging out of your shoes, go for size-up or loose-fitting shoes you are comfortable in wearing. You can opt for orthotic shoes as they are not only more comfortable for your feet, but can also considerably reduce back pain during pregnancy. We provide 3D optical scanning for prescription orthotics if you wish to walk pain-free during pregnancy and keep those feet and ankle slim!

Wear Loose Clothes

Like tight-fitted shoes, ill-fitting clothes can restrict normal blood circulation when you are expecting. It is highly recommended that women avoid figure-hugging clothes and tight elastic stockings to prevent all the blood accumulating in their ankles.

Loose clothing will not only keep you comfortable and light, but will also cover up those unattractive bulges in your body. Plus wearing such clothes will keep you cool and save you and your baby from the dire effects of overheating. Because all pregnant women know how hot pregnancy can already make them feel!

Stay Hydrated

This is essential to not only keep yourself cool when your body is already producing extra amounts of heat, but you also need more water to help your body flush out excess sodium and other waste products, which in turn will reduce swelling to a considerable extent. This also means that you will need to limit your daily salt intake because salts increase swelling.

Keeping hydrated will allow you to eat salty foods in moderation if your cravings are more salty than sugary. However, make sure that when you drink, there is always a restroom nearby. You don’t want to burst in public with that increased pressure on your bladder!

Go For Regular Massages

Here’s your chance to pamper yourself with regular, soothing massages. Massages increase blood circulation and thus greatly reduce swelling in ankle and feet. If taken regularly, they can even prevent blood accumulation in tissues in the first place and hence avert swollen feet altogether!

Plus massages have proved to be beneficial during pregnancy in several other ways by aiding in better growth of the baby and alleviating pregnancy pains and discomfort. If you find it expensive to hire a masseuse regularly, you can always ask your loved ones to gift monthly massages to you on your birthday, baby shower and other such occasions!

…And Don’t Forget!

Remember, it is important to keep yourself comfortable and hydrated when you are expecting if you want to have normal looking feet and ankles! You can worry about showing off your figure and your stylish shoes after you are done delivering. If your feet persistently keep on swelling despite following the above instructions, or if you simply want custom orthotics to alleviate foot and backache and feel more comfortable, you can schedule an appointment with the kind and compassionate podiatric team at Foot and Ankle Associates by filling the form on our website. We will ensure that this unpleasant swelling does not stop you from enjoying one of the most magical experiences of your life!