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Common Foot Problems in Women

Foot problems affect just about everyone at one point or another, but some foot problems are experienced mainly by women. This is mainly due to the types of shoes women wear, such as high heels and narrow flats.

There are many different types of foot problems that women experience, but luckily there are methods to treat these ailments to keep feet healthy and pain free.  

Take a look at the most common foot problems in women and why women experience them.


If you have a raised bone right by the base of your big toe that causes the toe to go inward, then you most likely have a bunion. Bunions develop from wearing tight, narrow shoes or by suffering from arthritis.

Bunions can be painful, as most shoes don’t provide space around that area of the foot, putting even more pressure on the bunion! Women who wear a lot of pointed-toe shoes or narrow footwear are prone to bunions.

Plantar Fasciitis

Pain around the heel is most often attributed to plantar fasciitis, which is an inflammation of the bands of tissue that connect from your heel to your toes. If you notice stabbing pain in the bottom of your foot—especially after sitting or standing for long periods of time or right when you wake up—you may have plantar fasciitis. Only a podiatrist can determine the true cause of the pain though.  

Women are more susceptible to this foot problem than men. The causes include wearing shoes with thin soles, wearing high heels, flat feet, high arches, and standing for long periods of time. Age and obesity can also increase the likelihood of getting plantar fasciitis.

Morton’s Neuroma

Women who often wear high heels are prone to getting Morton’s neuroma. Morton’s neuroma occurs when the tissue that surrounds the digital nerve leading to the toes thickens. It can feel like you’re constantly stepping on a rock with the ball of your foot. There may be a burning pain, tingling, or numbness by the toes.

Hammer Toes

Do your toes curve or scrunch up rather than lie flat when you stand? If so, you may have hammer toes, otherwise known as rotated toes. This happens when toes form an abnormal bend in the joint due to ill-fitting or pointed shoes.

Hammer toes could get progressively worse over time, so be sure to wear wide set shoes with ample toe room to avoid further discomfort and worsening symptoms.

Ways Women Can Reduce Foot Problems

A lot of common foot problems in women arise from wearing improper fitting shoes. But there are additional steps you could take to show a little extra love to your feet.

• Examine your feet at least once a day for changes

• Maintain proper foot care (keep those nails trimmed short)

• Minimize how often you wear heels

• Stretching your calves at least once a day

• Buy wideset shoes for everyday use

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