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Treatment Options for Bunions

Bunions can be a pesky issue, but luckily there are multiple treatment options available. 

At Foot and Ankle Associates, we enjoy bringing you the most up to date knowledge on treatments⸺read on to learn more!

Diagnosing Bunions

Do you think you have a bunion? If you are experiencing swelling or redness near your big toe joint, corns, calluses, or pain, you may have a bunion that needs treatment. Bunions are fairly simple to diagnose and often a podiatrist can tell with only a physical exam. 

When considering different treatment options, your physician may recommend an x-ray to determine the best course of treatment.

Treatment Options

There are a wide variety of treatment options that depend on the severity of your bunion(s) as well as the pain it is causing you.

Nonsurgical treatments include:

  • Additional Padding: You can try using over the counter non medicated bunion pads to ease pain you may have. These pads provide an extra layer of padding as a buffer to ease your bunion from rubbing against your shoe or sock.
  • Changing Up Your Shoes: Try wearing roomy shoes that allow enough space for your toes.
  • Shoe Inserts: Padded inserts help distribute pressure evenly and reduce symptoms from getting worse or causing you more pain.
  • Medications: Tylenol or Ibuprofen may help, but you should always consult with a physician before taking any medications.
  • Applying Ice: If your bunion becomes sore or inflamed, icing it may help relieve your pain. If you have reduced feeling or circulation problems with your feet, check with your physician before using this method of relief.

If the above methods don’t help to relieve your pain, you may need to consider surgical treatment for your bunion.

Surgical treatments include:

  • Removing the swollen tissue from around the big toe joint
  • Straightening the big toe by removing part of the bone
  • Realigning one or more of the bones in the forefoot to a more normal position to correct the abnormal angle in the big toe joint
  • Joining the bones of the affected joint permanently 

Before deciding on the best route, whether nonsurgical or surgical treatment, a consultation appointment will need to be scheduled.

Seeking Treatment for Bunions?

Please do not hesitate to contact us at Foot & Ankle Associates so we can get down to the root of the problem and get you on your way to feeling better. 

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