It Takes a Village Series

To provide exceptional patient care, sometimes it takes us collaborating with other specialties. This page is dedicated to sharing some of the great fields/businesses that we collaborate with to ensure our patients’ overall health and comfort!

Current Spotlight

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Taylor Rehab in Mooresville, NC with Caitlyn Napoli, PT, DPT

As our PT spotlight ends this week, we would like to introduce another modality that is helpful for many foot and ankle conditions.

Deep tissue laser therapy is a non-invasive FDA-cleared modality that helps to reduce inflammation, which ultimately decreases pain. Laser treatments work by releasing photons into the tissues surrounding the affected area that is being treated. Laser therapy is effective in treating acute pain, chronic conditions and post-operative pain. In some cases, it may be an alternative to taking pain-relieving drugs and can help patients avoid surgery. Taylor Rehab has a Lightforce Class 4 Deep Tissue Lasers at both of their Mooresville locations.

Taylor Rehab

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Phoenix Therapy & Aquatic Therapy in Denver, NC with Tatum Robinson, DPT, Certified Sports Physical Therapist and Certified Dry Needling

As our spotlights continue, we like to discuss some of the modalities and services performed at physical therapy that greatly benefit our patients.

Dry needling is a treatment technique that utilizes thin, solid filament needles to deactivate and desensitize trigger points in muscles. Myofascial trigger points are knots in muscles that can contribute to pain, decreased flexibility and decreased muscle function. We see this helps many foot and ankle conditions including plantar fasciitis.

Phoenix Physical Therapy And Sports Performance

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Phoenix Rehab in Charlotte, NC with Matthew Turner, PR, DPT

Physical therapists offer a variety of rehab services to help treat many foot and ankle conditions, to prevent injuries and ultimately get patients back to work and activities faster. They also provide occupational rehab treating work related injuries.

Again, we are so thankful for the care that physical therapists provide to our patients.

Phoenix Rehabilitation

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Select Physical Therapy in Denver, NC w/ Michael Arcidiacono, P.T., DPT, ATC

To provide exceptional patient care, sometimes it takes us collaborating with other specialties. Our first series spotlight features physical therapy.

We refer to physical therapists quite often post-surgery, post-injuries and for other musculoskeletal conditions. As a dynamic duo, we get patients back to activities and work faster. Many foot and ankle conditions also respond well to conservative physical therapy treatments, avoiding the need for surgery.

Physical therapy is important to help rehabilitate our patients after surgery and injuries after a period of needed immobilization. They also establish stretching and strengthening regimens to increase mobility to reduce pain and discomfort.

We work closely with many physical therapy groups in the Charlotte, Mooresville, Huntersville and Denver area. We are very thankful for their care to our patients.